The cornerstone of Palantir Financial Planning Ltd and an FCA requirement is to “know your Customer”. Before any investment recommendations are made we gather information about you or your business. This collection of information is known as the FACT FIND. The relevant information will include age, marital status, income, expenditure, existing investments, Attitude to Risk, income tax, capital gains tax and affordability to name just a few.

The objective of Fact Find is to establish the relevant data that allows us to determine your demands, needs and objectives in order to recommend suitable products to meet those goals. At Palantir Financial Planning Ltd we work back from the client in order to know how to move forward.

At Palantir Financial Planning Ltd we have a duty of care to all our customers from the initial contact to becoming a client where we conduct annual reviews. As in life any investment has an element of risk and therefore this cannot be avoided, but it can be managed and mitigated by careful planning.

Investment planning and wealth creation requires a long term plan that requires a flexible structure to ensure that your pre-determined goals and objectives can be achieved.

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