Many young sportsman over the years have earned vast sums of money only to find that they have received poor advice costing them a fortune and in some cases resulting in bankruptcy. All our clients value the service we provide. We are not interested in selling a specific product. Our aim is create a long term plan of action with longevity that will see our clients through their career and beyond.

What we can offer:

  • A tailored service to meet your financial requirements
  • Wealth generation and preservation
  • Pension planning/tax efficient planning
  • Regular meetings and updates on your investments
  • Income protection/career ending insurance
  • Property purchase advice

Our Bespoke Service:

At Palantir Financial Planning Ltd we recognise that sportsmen and sportswomen require a specialist service as their career is shorter and the money they earn in the early stages of their lives is greater. Careful bespoke planning is required to ensure that the money earned is invested wisely and preserved for the future. We tailor our service to the client to guarantee a comprehensive advice service where there is complete transparency on pricing and fees.

We recognise that each client is different and has their own individual financial goals and earning varying amounts of money at different stages of their careers. We therefore tailor our service, fees and advice accordingly. This is achieved by offering a ‘bespoke financial service’ which primarily centres around the clients financial planning requirements during and after their career ends.

We pride ourselves on having a close relationship with our clients and understanding their goals and objectives both in the short and long term. We provide an honest, transparent and confidential financial service.

As the service we provide is designed to be custom fit, we believe it is important to sit down with the client in order to devise a comprehensive plan that is applicable in the short, medium and long term. We would hold regular reviews in order to evaluate the performance of the client’s portfolio to ensure that it is on track to meet their required objectives.

We offer a free no obligation initial consultation in which you can have an open and honest conversation to determine if we can assist with your future financial plans.

The harder you work, the luckier you get.

Gary Player
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