Do I need Life Insurance?

Dying and leaving loved ones behind is extremely stressful for your spouse, partners and children. By having a life insurance in place will help dependants cope financially.

Question to ask yourself

  • How would your rent or mortgage be paid if you passed away?
  • How will the lost income be replaced, so you’re nearest and dearest can maintain a standard of living?
  • Could your spouse or partners survive financially without your income and for how long?
  • Who would pay for the childcare if you died?
  • How would debts, taxes and funeral cost be paid if you died suddenly

If you purchase Life Insurance you know your family will be financially provided for if anything should happen to you. Life insurance can be paid as a lump sum or as income and enjoys favourable tax treatment. Life insurance can secure the financial future for your spouse, partner or children in the event of your death. 

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